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Navidad (julefroskost)

  • 595 kr./kuvert
  • 4 serveringer
  • 10 - 50 kuverter


El Patrón, a Traditional Mexican Cuisine, was born in April 2017. After a succesfull pop up restaurant in the Westmarket in Vesterbro the idea became concrete - a streetfood restaurant needed to be opened to celebrate Mexican cuisine in Copenhagen.
The diversity of Mexican cuisine throughout all the regions gives you the opportunity to experience a new world of colors, textures and flavors.
El Patron wants to serve the relatively unknown Mexican cuisine, so you can enjoy it in the comfort of your home.
We focus on basic and delicious food like chocolate/chili sauces, fresh vegetables and organic and free range meats that melt in your mouth.
It is said that in order to make great food, you need great ingredients. That is 10% true, but in Mexico we believe that cooking with love is what makes good food taste amazing. And that is exactly what we do at El Patron.
The vision in our menus is to offer, what nobody else is able to do- recipes that go back to the 16th century as our Mole Poblano and the new cuisine Era, which has become something very special.

Menuen - 4 serveringer


Bacalao a la veracruzana (Torsk)
Traditional dish from the golf of Mexico.Tomat sauce, olives, fried capers, olive oil, vainilla


Tamal Oaxaqueño verde
A traditional Mesoamerican dish made of corn dough, which is steamed with banana leaf filled with braised vegetables and salsa verde.


Mole con Pato (And)
Mole negro sauce (chocolate / chili) Duck breast, rice, trotillas


Fritters, chocolate sauce, berries and mint compote

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